How A Nashville Bride Can Prepare For Her Bridal Appointment

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process! So how should you prepare after your true love finally popped the question? No matter what kind of bride you are; A Say Yes to The Dress fanatic or a wedding dress novice, the best way to have a once in a lifetime experience is to be properly prepared!

You may have been wedding dress shopping before with friends or family, but this time it is completely about you. This time it is YOUR turn, it is about searching for a dress to fit your style and your personality! Wedding dress shopping can require a lot of energy, and to help prevent you from trying on every dress and going to every boutique here are some tips and tricks to become a wedding dress pro in no time!

Do some Research:

The wedding dress world is a vast and every changing! Doing some research can help you know what kind of styles, necklines, and fits are out there! Below is a little cheat sheet!

The most common necklines are: Sweetheart, V-neck, Strapless, Scoop and Halter

Dress styles include: Ball gown, A-line, Trumpet, Mermaid and Sheath

Pre-shopping research is just meant to make you acquaintances with the wedding dress world. It may help you decide what shapes and necklines you like and help you eliminate dresses you know you will not like for yourself. Beware through, not everything is as it seems! You and your consultant will work together to choose the right fit and neckline for your perfect dress!

Keep Your Entourage Small!

We understand that you want to share this experience with best friends, moms, mother in laws etc. However, the bigger the group the more opinions and the more stress! Different opinions are sometimes good, however too many can lead to disagreements and upset feelings. The most important opinion is yours, and if you have too many overarching opinions there is a chance that yours will get lost in translation.

Also avoid “guilt” guests, these are guests that you feel required to bring. These always leave a strange mood in the appointment from the beginning. This experience is about you, do not allow someone to pressure you to bring someone! We suggest bringing two to three quality people. Quality over Quantity ladies!

By keeping your entourage small, you will get the best and most honest opinions because these people know you the best. Having the right people will lead to a great, less-stressful appointment.

Have an open mind!

One of the important things to do in a bridal appointment is to trust your consultant. When you go into your first wedding dress appointment you may have done some research (at least we hope!). Keep in mind however that he only way to truly eliminate a style is to try it on!

Your consultant is there to help and guide you! They have seen and played with the dresses for hours every day, so they know how dresses read on the body versus how they read on the hanger! They will know what shapes and silhouettes will help accentuate your figure and which ones may not work with your body type. They are there to help you find the dress of your dreams. And as much as you think you know it all, they have likely seen it all.

Be honest with your consultant, just because they picked out a dress does not mean you have to pretend to love it! The more honesty and respect the better the appointment!

Eat something!

The day of your dress appointment you have a million things running in your mind! We suggest making eating one of those. We recommend a light meal or snack prior to the appointment, being HANGRY is known to change your mood and that will impact how you feel about dresses and yourself in them. If you are doing multiple appointments in one day bring some snacks and schedule some time in between appointments to eat and decompress!

Important tip! Try not to eat anything too heavy or greasy right before an appointment, we do not want you to feel bloated, so to help make it the perfect appointment so stay with something light!

Set a budget!

It is important to set a budget before you go into a wedding dress boutique. When setting a budget, it is important to consider, alterations, veils, accessories and shoes. Many brides forget about these extra expenses and end up going over their budgets. Another thing is to make sure you do not try on dresses that are over your price range! The worse thing you could do is fall in love with a dress that you cannot afford. Be transparent with your consultant on your budget, they need to know your budget as well so they can help steer you in the right direction.


When trying on wedding dresses you will be imagining yourself on your wedding day! You want to feel and look your best. Try wearing your hair in your favorite style or a style you envision for your wedding day and do your makeup in your favorite look! By doing this, you’re going to get a more realistic image of how you will look in the wedding dresses you are trying on and your consultant will be able to find you the perfect accessories to complete your gown.

We hope these tips help you have the absolute best day, finding the absolute best dress!